Introducing The H2O Boat Care System

Introducing an Eco-friendly Solution That Keeps Your Hull Free of Algae and Barnacles

Minimize your maintenance costs, maximize your boating pleasure with our eco-friendly system

We don't have to tell you what a difficult, expensive and time-comsuming job it is to clean a hull. You know that from experience.

That's precisely why you should know about H2O BoatCare, the device that employs sound vibrations (25,000 times stornger than previous technology) to rid your hull of algae, barnacles and oysters.

Most important of all, H2O BoatCare works. The powerful vibrations it sends destroys the organisms before they stick to your hull, leaving you with an immaculately clean and smoothe sailing boat.

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Customer Testimonials

  • I have a temporary mount on the transom of my 37' Sea Ray and for that matter I left my Dinghy in the water in front of the boat. After almost 2 weeks I pulled it out of the water and it was still clean ! normally it would have been full of algea already, and even some barnacles !
  • Our Long time customer Mr. vd Straaten in Holland (translated): For keeping my yachts bottom clean I’ve been using the machines from H2o Boatcare since 5 years now. Since I started to use them my yachts bottom stays so clean it allows me to skip the yearly haul out with new anti-fouling paint-application. Every second year I have the yacht hauled out to check for defects but even then the hull is still as good as new. A great new product and a great cost-saver. Also my Captain Juan, after being skeptical at first, is now completely convinced and happy with the installation. Our sunseeker keeps its maximum speed for the complete season and clearly uses less fuel. In short: highly recommended !

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